Monday, May 21, 2018

Farmesk, God of War.... Pink and Rubbery War

When I set up my own campaign world of Georic, well over 25 years ago, I borrowed heavily from every D&D book, every B-Movie on HBO, every story and tale I had ever heard. 

But I the one thing I rarely borrowed from D&D was religion. 

Greyhawk gods never did it for me, and the whole Time of Troubles thing in the Forgotten Realms was going down and I wanted to avoid them like the the plague.  So I made my own. 

The Ferasean Gods covered the mandatory spheres a teenage boy could imagine in a Pantheon (Order, Chaos, War, Nature), and since my players were only interested in religion if they had a cleric, I kept it at that. 

But I needed inspiration for these gods, so I went with what I had at the time.

A shoebox full of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures under my bead. 

The pink avatar-like professional wrestlers screamed deities. And so, with the discovery of the lone survivor of my collection, I present to you Farmesk, the god of war:

From there, I fleshed out the pantheon.  To be honest, those early gods are lost to me, save one:  Galmar, the God of Earth/Earth Elemental worshiped by the barbarians of the plain of the same name, was the literal mountain-man (the dude was a anthropomorphic mountain peak). 

Over the years, I've redone the world geographically, and added most, if not all common ancient mythos. 

Here's the current list, avoid any spoilers from the Pigeon God campaign:

Akana: God of Law and Order (Original)
Aknar:  God of Wolves (Hackmaster)
Baraxus: God of evil, darkness, corruption, spiders (Corsair Publising)
Farmesk: God of War  (Original)
Guya: Goddess of Nature, Earth, World  (Original, but not by much)
Kanar the Dark: God of Darkness and Chaos (Original)
Kazum: God of song, bards. (Original)
Meudsopu: God of Revelry
Modee: God of Performing arts, bards.  (Original)
Sarku: God of Death “Lord of the Worms” (Empire of the Petal Throne)
Tritiana: Goddess of the Hunt  (Inspired by Magic the Gathering)
Vimhula of Fire: Fire Explosions, the Sun (Empire of the Petal Throne)
Yotia: God of Magic, Mages  (Original)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

(Kickstarter) Yard of the Month by BrainBox

It's been awhile since we've have a new entry into the lucrative Gnome card game market, but the BrainBox Gaming Company is looking to change that their Yard of the Month, a game of garden growing, neighborly sabotage... and gnomes.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wizard of Oz Meets In Her Majesty's Name Over at Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles

Some of my most searched-for posts deal with miniatures and the Wizard of Oz. 

One of my favorite blogs to follow for inspiration is Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles.

My heart skipped a beat when the two combined this past week for a new unit to play with In Her Majesty's Name.
From the Toy Soldiers and Dining Battles Post
That is a perfect use for the Wild West Wizard of Oz Figures by Reaper.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

Wardlings, Toy Aliens, and a Post-Gymnastics Universe

Last weekend was an end of an era for the family, the last gymnastics meet for the girls.  Maja and Millie's gym was closing up, so the USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling Region 6 (Northeast) Championships would be the last hurrah.

So after a drive to the furthest point east in West Virginia, a horrible truck stop dinner, and my wife confirming once again that she should never be put in charge of directions, we arrived at Shepherd University.

Regionals was a total bust for the girls last year.  With all the girls from Maine to Virginia coming, they essentially earned participation ribbons.

This year, they still had their problems, but Millie earned 4th, 7th, and 9th in her events. Maja garnered 4th, 6th, and a Silver medal in tumbling.  That Silver qualifies her for Nationals, but with no coach, big entry fees and the 8-hour drive to North Carolina on the week of July 4th, I think we'll savor our success in West Virginia.

With no gymnastics, life hasn't slowed down.   I've had to travel for training, a deluge of rain, power outages, and even a pseudo tornado have ensured that we haven't slowed down one step.

No games, save my online 5e game, although the Pulp game is all set for this weekend, if my mother and her health woes don't keep me away from the house.  Things are okay, but I'm ready for the decline to start.

If happy news, I've gotten a few things straightened out, slapped some primer and paint on minis.  Nothings finished, although I tinkered with these items.

First off, is the Female Wizard and Genie pair from the Wardlings line from WizKids.

Each pack of the pre-painted Wardlings comes with a stylized child adventurer and an animal companion (or Genie).   Two drawbacks, perhaps.  One is the $8/pack pricetag.  Second is the scale.  This young female wizard towers over any of my 28mm Pulp figures, much less my older 25mm fantasy.

The pack comes with two black WizKids bases for mounting.  I figured with a genie, a rocky desert base would suit them better.

I also rummaged through a few junk bins and found this little fellow to base and find a use in a game.
He's some sort of alien from a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Playset the kids got years ago.  The playset was more a nostalgia kick for my wife and myself, but  this little fella was interesting enough to salvage during one of the playroom purges.

Next:  After months, my East African German Schutztruppe are finally in highlighting and details.  The Arab Civilians are right behind, but I also found the Legion of Steel Space Dwarves in my Spring Cleaning and they've been cleaned and primed.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Do You Want to Buy an OGRE? Try Warehouse 23's Sale!

I certainly don't mind updates from completed Kickstarters, especially when they are beneficial.

Steve Jackson Games is having a sale through the end of May on most OGRE products in Warehouse 23!   Outside of some recent releases, OGRE products are 50% off and the remaining metal minis, accessories, and even digital items are up to 75% off!

Additionally, purchases from Warehouse 23 will be added to the pledge totals of our current Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition Kickstarter campaign for determining stretch goals.

(Kickstarter) No Thank You, Evil Reprint by Monte Cook Games

Monte Cook Games found a winner with No Thank You, Evil! when it crushed goals for its Kickstarter.  But alas, all copies of No Thank You are gone, and the game is technically out of print.

But not for long...

Monte Cook Games has launched a second Kickstarter, this time for the reprint of the popular game
So you need a copy of the game?  This is the best way to get a new copy with a few added bonuses for fun. 

What if you already own the game?  Well, there are a couple of pledge levels for previously printed and/or pdf materials to keep you game going.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

(Kickstarter) The Lemonade Wars: Tabletop Skirmish Game

Blind Beggar Miniatures is at it again, launching yet another Kickstarter, but this time for 20's anthropomorphic figures in 28mm to fight out the heinous Lemonade Wars.
Oddly enough, for a skirmish game, a copy of the finished rules isn't the core priority for this campaign, the first two gangs are.  And, if you pledge for both gangs, you'll get an early peek at the online rules.